News – Keystone Kourier – 2015


Man it’s Cold!

A belated “Happy Holidays” to everyone and I hope you all had a safe and restful Christmas, and Santa brought you everything you wanted.

Most of us started our “Yuletide Fun” on Saturday, December 6th, at the wonderful Christmas Luncheon and 50th Golden Jubilee hosted by Caryle and Vaughn Brayton at Anthony’s Trattoria in Reading; the food was as good as the company.

Caryle got us all in the Christmas spirit by holding a group singing competition. Each table was given a traditional holiday song by Carle and was told to modify the words to the song to praise our “Vagabond” Airstream lifestyles or our club’s 50th Anniversary. Then the groups had to sing the song with its new and inventive words. It was hard to stay in tune with all the merriment.

The singing was followed by a delicious 50th Anniversary cake. There were plenty of mementos and reminders of wonderful times the club had camping together during the last five decades. We were also blessed with one of our founding members, Dorothy Hautz, attending the Jubilee. Dorothy’s grandson, Tim, brought her and we were glad he did.

Those of you that have not headed south are reminded to join us at the “Sweetheart Luncheon” to be held at our house, 520 Long Lane, Hatboro, PA 19040, on February 7th at noon. We are serving hot roast beef sandwiches to warm everyone up. Please contact my lovely wife, Sharon, at 215-441-5015 or to let her know if you can attend. See you there.

Well, I have to close as there is some more snow that needs to be shoveled. Those members traveling south, safe towing!

Wayne & Sharon
PS: Remember in February is President’s Day; I’ll be celebrating!