News – Keystone Kourier – 2015

Wayne1      Summer is Here!

What a wonderful time of the year; summer is in full swing, time for lazy days at the beach and trips to
mountain lakes. It’s time to finally get away and to use those vacation days (if you are still working) that
you accumulated all year. Many of you are off to rallies, or favorite spots to camp. Some may be
exploring new locations and meeting new friends along the way.

Me, I’m doing that too. Of course, I’m trying to boondock and keep it cheap. I was in Montreal the first
week of June, and I was able to camp at a local hockey rink in the north-end of town. To camp was $12
the first two nights and weekends are no charge. The exchange rate is the best in years; $100 US buys
$125 Canadian. This gives me extra money for exotic food like “Bibimbap,” a Korean dish served in a
bowl with a fried egg on top of a beef laden salad.

The third week of June, I was in Corning, NY at Glassblowing School. It was my fifth time attending
classes there. The students and teachers were from all over the world; New Zealand, Argentina, and
China. Everyone wanted to hear my stories of “life on the road”. One teacher had rented an RV in
Iceland, and now wants to rent one and travel the United States.

Of course, I slept in the Airstream behind the local gas station. My motto is: “if it’s free, it’s for me!” I
did pay with a piece of blown glass I made at school. I guess what I’m trying to say is it’s a great time to
travel, meet new people, learn new things and eat weird food. I had goat for the first time too at a
Caribbean Restaurant in Montreal.

Hope to see you all at Indian Rock for our Labor Day Blast.
See you all then,