News – Keystone Kourier – 2015

Wayne1      Shades of Gold!

The shades of gold, red, and orange falling from trees alert us that fall has arrived. The change of season brings each of us closer to the eagerly anticipated Hershey RV show, the continued exploration of our nation, and back to favorite, treasured spots.

While camping in York, Pennsylvania during the Labor Day weekend, I learned about your projected autumnal travel plans. Some of us will be making the Winter Pilgrimage to the Sunshine State as other fellow Air Streamers head toward New Mexico’s Balloon Festival and colorful New England. As for the First Lady and I, we are heading to Maine followed by New Brunswick, and then over to Nova Scotia, and ending in Prince Edwards Island.

As you may know, my wife and I love to boondock as often as we can to spend more on dining out and reserve our funds for fun. So consider taking my suggestions to use a commercial parking lot to sleep for free if you have no reservations or are on a wait list somewhere.

Wherever you end up lying your head this fall, I hope your travels are fun and safe, and full of many new adventures.