News – Keystone Kourier – 2014


Hello All, Spring is here and it’s great to see everything getting green.  Even the Robin rebuilt her nest under the carport.  Along with all the greenery of Spring, for many its the beginning of Airstreaming and Airstreaming is what we do.  Will, Karen, Peg, George, Sue and I converged on Centerville, MD for the annual Maintenance Rally with the Del-Mar-Va unit.

 Even though we give our rigs a good going over before heading out, there are always some mechanical details that remain unknown unless we have the tools and knowledge to correctly determine their statuses. As an example I know my battery was fully charged but was not sure if it was just a surface charge. Load testing it at the rally confirmed my battery was good.  How is your battery?

 Saturday evening before hospitality we had a short business meeting to vote on the International officers, and 3 constitutional amendments. The three amendments being, 1. Changing the wording to include units overseas for WBCCI membership. 2. Allowing the international rally dates and meeting dates to change to include June 30 – July 30.  3. Allowing members to renew International and Unit dues on line.  At the meeting we voted yes to all officers, 3 yes on #1, 2 yes and 1 no on #2, and 3 yes on #3.  To make your voice heard please contact me and I will pass on your vote to our delegate.

 Keep an eye out for our new Keystone members Melissa Hancock & Jonathan Schau from Bryn Mawr at the next few rallies.  We will definitely give them the red carpet induction treatment when we see them. A hardy welcome to Melissa and Jonathan.   

 Speaking of Rallies, Keystone is in high gear.  Coming up be sure to support and attend the R-2 rally May 28th.  If you can’t make it to International Rally, then plan to come to the Can’t make it to International Picnic on June 21at our place. If you can make it to International, enjoy yourselves.  Sign up now for the Labor Day Extravaganza. Limited to 10 rigs Keystone will have first choice of campground sites, then it will be opened to other units to fill the spots.  On tap for the weekend, Live Music, shooting guns through history at a premier outdoor range.  Some of the guns on the list, flint lock muzzle loaders, M-1, AR-15 to name a few. There are several local wineries open for visitation along with special events in and around York.  Topping off the weekend will be the campgrounds traditional corn roast.

 There are many opportunities to join in, don’t let them pass by, 

 See Y’all soon,    Jody